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Take Flight with Us

Our year-end campaign raised… $337,925!!

So much gratitude! Thanks to a small group of committed supporters, we were able to launch a $150,000 Challenge. Thanks to you, we move confidently into 2023, actualizing big dreams for our natural world. You are making critical work happen locally.

And it doesn’t seem to be over yet; donations continue to arrive! This is beyond our wildest expectations—and it only happened because of donors like you.

The current weather shows the vital importance of our restoration work. By restoring riparian forests and wetlands, we are ensuring that the Laguna landscape can continue to function as a holding basin for floodwaters and sustain the rich diversity of wildlife and plants despite these stressors. Thanks to you, we are up to the task. Stay tuned to our next e-news to learn where the work will be happening in early 2023 and know that you’re responsible for making it happen!

We thank you for the incredible support and look forward to moving into 2023 with you by our side.

Wishing you a very happy New Year!